There are two types of log homes: manufactured and handcrafted, and all the variations thereof.  Manufactured log homes are those made of logs that are shaped by machines, and their fit comes from milling every log to a uniform size and shape. Handcrafted log homes, in contrast, are built with consideration of the properties of each individual log.

Gapless SAddle Notched Logs

Here at Northwest Log Homes, we use the handcrafted scribe-fit log construction. Each log is individually selected, hand peeled with age-old drawknives, and then full-scribed to the other logs to ensure a tight fit with no gaps.  We use logs that have their original taper, knots, shape and character.  By tightly weaving these organic shapes together in a rhythmic pattern, the resulting structure blends into the landscape rather than being awkwardly imposed on it.  This process can take up to three times as long in comparison with the manufactured log home process.  However, the finished product far surpasses the manufactured style with regards to uniqueness, tight fit, and overall strength and beauty. Also known as the Scandinavian scribe, coped, and full-scribe, this method is the highest form of the log builder’s art.

Manufactured log homes rely on spikes and metal rods for stability, but our full-scribe log homes with interlocking corners actually pull tighter together as they settle.  Because of the tight fit of this style, some have said that this could be a chinkless log home.  It is Dwayne’s personal recommendation, however, that chinking either inside or outside (after the logs have settled) will provide maximum comfort and appeal.

As part of the building process, our team completely assembles the kits in our log yard here in the West Kootenai.  Each log is then labeled, disassembled, and loaded onto trucks for shipment to your construction site.  Because of the great care taken to perfectly craft each log in our yard, the set up on your foundation is a smooth process.  

In our log homes, examples of fine craftsmanship are at every turn, from the handcrafted staircase with it's branch-like spindles to the large timbers overhead in the cathedral ceiling.  The warm colors and smooth curves are soothing.  The interrelationship of all the parts and the fact they they are naturally exposed and easy to see makes our log homes unique and endlessly fascinating.  Built with these exceptional methods, your new log home has the potential to maintain its beauty and strength for generations to come.