Log Kits Assembled in Rexford, Montana - Delivered Anywhere!

In addition to providing turn-key log homes, we offer kits at wholesale prices to be finished off by the homeowner or a local contractor.

Available in any size cabin or house, we will work with your existing floor plan or use our in-house designing for a custom plan to fit your needs at no extra charge.

Although we usually use lodge pole logs for mid-span up to 18", we can also provide Spruce logs for those who want a bigger and bolder look.

The log kits are fully assembled in our log yard using the oldest form of log joinery.  The crew carefully peels, scribes, and notches each dead-standing log to fit perfectly to the next.  Full scribe log construction is the oldest technique and has remained virtually unchanged for centuries.  Today, however, we use modern cutting and shaping tools like chainsaws and planers to achieve the same quality results.

After the kit is completely assembled, it is systematically marked, then disassembled and loaded onto trailers for delivery.  We will arrange for one of our experienced crew members to accompany the kit in order to oversee the re-assembly process on the prepared foundation or subfloor, which usually takes no more than 2 days with a 4-5 man crew.

So whether you're a handy homeowner or a contractor looking for the best quality log home at an affordable price, call today for a free quote and we can get started on building your dream.