Can’t wait now to see it put together on the lot! Pray now for continued good weather and safety for each one on the job. May they have great JOY in their work and craftsmanship.
Those are great wonderful to see the hard work going into them at this stage. Must be so rewarding for them to see a project come together with a finished home.
My family and I have been in our new log home for just two and a half weeks now and can’t believe how much we enjoy it.
Thanks again for being so willing to work with us.
Thanks for your professional and courteous assistance in the construction of my cabin.
I always appreciate all you guys do to work with us. So great!
I again so appreciate your patience with us and working so hard to build our dream.
Thank you very much for all your work on our cabin.
Thank you ever so much for your patience and communication.
Thanks for your time again today. It seems so close and almost real can’t wait ….starting to get excited.
Thanks for the pictures! Looking great.
This is really happening ….I’m just a bit excited , just a bit :-) !!!! Thanks for all your doing to help us realize our dream!!
Love to see it as it progresses. So very amazing to me!!
Thank you very much for your work on our behalf.
It was truly wonderful to meet all the young men working so hard on our cabin. It certainly gives us more appreciation for the process and for the blessing of their fine craftsmanship. It was a truly wonderful couple of days.